Ways we're gonna help you.

1 eCommerce Strategy, Consulting

Let us extensively examine your requirements, target audience, and everything in-between to offer you expert suggestions on the next steps.

Full audit

If you have an eCommerce store running, let us help you find the bottlenecks and help you grow faster.

International expansion

We'll help you expand your online presence internationally with International SEO & features like currency switching, Multi-language support, checkout optimizations & country-specific tax and shipping calculations.

Personalization at scale

Explore ways to Integrate AI technologies with your eCommerce store for better search and product suggestions.


If you're using Magento 1, Magento 2, or WooCommerce, we'll help you migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Optimized for high conversion

All the best practices for a high-converting site will be included.


B2B is whole another beast, and some of our team members come from B2B eCommerce backgrounds. Let's discuss your needs.

Omni-channel strategy

Find ways to connect your online store with social media platforms, multi-vendor platforms like amazon, or even connect with your brick-and-mortar store.

2 Design & Development

Design & develop your Shopify store with a focus on a higher conversion rate while giving a unique touch to the store that your users would appreciate.

UI Design

User-centered, conversion-oriented design with your brand's personality.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From page loading performance, Google rich snippets to tiny details needed for a high Google ranking, we'll make a solid SEO foundation.

Social media Integrations

Increase engagement and drive store conversions. From secondary online stores and social media traffic to analytics such as Facebook pixel.

Custom features development

We have expertise in building custom Shopify apps & expanding WooCommerce functionality.

Mobile App development

Publish your online store to AppStore and Google Playstore with app-like features.

ERP/CRM/POS Integrations

Custom integrations with your ERP/CRM/POS systems to automate processes.

Augmented Reality integrations

Display 3d models of your products and let customers see them without purchasing

AI implementations

Better search and product suggestions.

Integrating Analytics tools

Google enhanced analytics, Facebook Pixel, heatmaps

3 QA, Deployment & Training

We have a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure the site looks and works great on all major devices, load fasts & issue free.


Quality assurance.

Testing & Launch

We make sure the pages load fast & smooth, check every single interaction.

Admin panel training

We can train your in-house employees on how to manage orders and other basic functionality.

Dedicated virtual assistants

Depending on your needs, we can arrange you experienced virtual assistants to manage orders and customer care.

4 CRO, Analytics & Digital Marketing

Go deep into conversion rate optimization. Use various analytics methods to see how your store is performing and constantly keep optimizing to get the best results.

Regular performance analysis

Customer behavior analysis through heatmaps, data from Google enhanced analytics for eCommerce

Google Ads

Google ads management

Facebook & Instagram ads

Facebook/Instagram ad management.

Email marketing

Plan and execute data-driven email marketing campaigns with A/B testing.

Social Media management

Increase conversions with highly optimized social media content.

Maintanance/ Technical support

You'll have access to a ticketing system where we make sure everything is running smooth.

Email marketing

Despite all the new and fast platforms out there, email remains a major part of the marketing strategy.

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Let's build something amazing.

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